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The system is the revolution

Innovation is not just something we talk about – it is integral to everything we do. We continually refine and advance our volumetric system to make sure we not only meet regulations, but improve on them. Our units can withstand fire for two hours, and are 70% more airtight and 5dB more soundproof than current requirements.


Manufacturing discipline

Our volumetric units are manufactured under rigorous quality control procedures at a 180,000 square ft factory in Bedford.
Step 1: Creating a volumetric unit

The Vision Volumetric units are formed from solid concrete floors and hot-rolled steel frames. Our highly skilled team of 250 production staff monitor the quality, precision and consistency of the smallest construction details.

Step 2: An automated production

The units are transferred along automated production lines, where all internal finishes, M&E installations, windows and partial external finishes are applied. The units leave the factory fully fitted internally.

Step 3: Delivery and installation

They are then delivered to site where they are installed under similarly strict quality control procedures. The units are supported on a reinforced concrete transfer structure around a reinforced concrete core.

Step 4: Project completion

Final connections, commissioning and external cladding installation all follow the same stringent processes. A cloud-based quality control system allows us to tag components and trace them from manufacture through to operation, radically reducing defects and ongoing maintenance.


Tried, tested and tested again

We have always backed up our pioneering approach with rigorous research and testing. Our system has gone through an array of demanding assessments to prove its robustness, including large-scale fire testing in close consultation with the Fire Brigade. As a result of this uncompromising approach, all of our projects are fully fundable, mortgageable and insurable.


Volumetric Technology can play a role in addressing skills and productivity issues. For those working in construction, a shift to modular offers a stable place to work while developing skills for a modernising sector.

Christy Hayes
Chief Executive of Tide & Vision Volumetric
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