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Our approach to ESG

Making a
positive impact

A genuinely sustainable built environment needs rapid, innovative and socially responsible solutions.

At Tide, we are creating a less resource-intensive construction industry, regenerating communities and delivering high-quality, fully certified real estate; not just for today but for generations to come.

Tide is committed to acting responsibly both through our own business operations and through the delivery of exemplar projects.

Our ESG strategy is founded on three pillars


Enhancing our communities


We will strive to enhance social and environmental wellbeing in the communities within which we operate.


Leading the economic transition


We will work to deliver high quality, low carbon, sustainable buildings at scale and at pace to support the economic transition.


Championing the sector


We will continue to lead the industry in the increased adoption of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

We take demonstrable action to reduce environmental impacts throughout a building’s life. This holistic approach encompasses areas such as material selection, transport, energy, carbon, and biodiversity.


The analysis of two residential buildings, each highly representative of its height in terms of function, size and height, was conducted in accordance with the latest carbon assessment guidelines, and analysis was based on conservative assumptions and a careful selection of data inputs. While further studies should be completed to deepen our understanding, the research makes a compelling case for the embodied carbon-saving benefits of modular construction.

Professor Francesco Pomponi
An academic from Edinburgh Napier University

We provide exceptional places for people to live and work. Our outstanding developments form the basis of long-term, sustainable communities, while our factories and sites provide a much safer environment that also allow regular work patterns and a less disruptive family life.

Bespoke governance procedures underpin all our activities. Our dedicated teams work closely with the relevant stakeholders to achieve the highest standards, backed up by external, industry-best certification.


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