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Safer, more comfortable homes

We carry out rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the process and conduct data-led project impact monitoring and post-occupancy evaluation to make sure we deliver exactly what we say we will. As a result, our buildings typically offer a number of performance benefits:

60 %
air permeability improvement on building regulations (Approved Document L 2022)
5 dB
improvement of acoustic performance on building regulations (Approved Document E 2015)
2 hour
structural fire rating meaning enhanced fire safety
Minimal disruption

Our volumetric approach reduces site programmes by up to 50% and vehicle movements by up to 80%, which means less noise, less pollution and less inconvenience for surrounding neighbourhoods. It also means that local people can enjoy the enhancements we make to public spaces and services even more quickly.

Safer jobs – in every way

Within our manufacturing facility, we provide long-term employment with stability. Rather than our Teams move around from project to project, the project moves to them through the manufacturing line. Our factory-based approach lends itself to more regular work patterns, encouraging a better work-life balance and enabling staff to live close by. This in turn boosts the local economy and has sustainability benefits, with many employees choosing to cycle to work rather than driving. The highly controlled factory environment offers safer jobs in a more literal sense too, drastically reducing the high-risk activities associated with construction to the safety of the factory floor. 

The volumetric generation

Volumetric building has the potential to attract a new generation of talent into the construction industry.

We promote apprenticeships and local employment, further stimulating local economies, and we organise school and college visits to raise awareness of the role of volumetric technology in construction.

Through collaboration with UK universities, government bodies and testing laboratories, we are building a volumetric community that could transform the relationship between the construction industry and wider society.