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Welcome to vertically integrated

We have the skills and expertise to lead every stage of a volumetric development, from identifying sites to delivering whole new communities.

We can deliver projects from start to finish

A total build concept


Our unique vertically integrated relationship with manufacturing company Vision Volumetric gives us comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of our developments. We realise complex architectural designs using cutting-edge factory-based methods, deliver them on site quickly, safely and with minimal disruption.

We work as both a developer of our own schemes and as a main contractor, deploying our volumetric expertise to realise projects.


Our expertise

Intelligent development
We take responsibility for projects from the earliest stages through to completion – identifying potential sites, steering them through planning and turning them into beautiful pieces of city.
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Advanced construction
As a contractor, our partners trust us to deliver iconic designs and complex large-scale schemes quickly, efficiently and to the highest performance standards.
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Volumetric delivery
What if you could build a skyscraper in a factory? We have shown that you can. Together with Vision, we are continuing to push the boundaries of this smart, lean construction approach.
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The modular homes were delivered to a very high standard, which streamlined the snagging process. There was also a notable decrease in the aftercare notifications, when compared to other, traditional Pocket Living developments. We have since appointed the teams to deliver two further developments

Sarah Davies
Head of Project Management, Pocket Living

Key insights

Tide offers a new way of developing, a new way of contracting, a new way of delivering the high-quality homes that London and the UK urgently need.

50 %
reduction in construction programmes, ensuring faster regeneration and returns on investment.
80 %
up to 80% of each building can be manufactured in the factory, minimising waste and enabling rigorous quality control.
60 %
fewer site personnel, which means safer and more streamlined delivery.
Our sectors

We have built an industry-leading reputation in large-scale residential development and related sectors.

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