About Tide Construction

Tide Construction Limited is a unique development and contracting company, utilising both traditional and Offsite Manufacturing Methodologies (OSM). We provide full turnkey building solutions using highly advanced offsite techniques and are market leaders in modular construction.

Our projects are substantially quicker to build than conventional construction schemes, often resulting in a 50% – 60% time saving on programme. Our method also results in significantly less disruption onsite with up to 80% fewer vehicle movements, a reduction in onsite resources and reduced waste when compared to traditional methods of construction. All our projects are fully fundable, mortgageable and insurable.



Our Expertise

Our Development Teams have experience in delivering high profile, quality projects, safely, sustainably and efficiently, across a range of market sectors. We lead projects from initial feasibility stages, site acquisition and planning, through the construction process to completion and handover.

As a development partner and third-party contractor, we are leading the transition from traditional to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) within the industry. Our knowledge and experience in volumetric construction means we are industry leaders in residential, hotel commercial and student accommodation.

Feasibility Analysis

Marketing assessments, investment and ownership appraisals

Site Acquisition

Legal processing, site assembly, environmental and geotechnical evaluations


Extensive experience and knowledge in planning application processing


Early design integration with our skilled in-house teams


Unique turnkey building solution adopted ensures our key supply chain partners understand our processes to deliver on time


In-house civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering is an integral part of our design and development process

Construction Delivery

Highly experienced and long-established construction delivery team encompassing designers, project managers and established partnerships with key consultants and contractors

Handover and Aftercare

High quality product on completion ensures smooth transition from delivery to handover with a dedicated Aftercare team

Benefits of our Modular Technology

Tide Construction Limited have an unrivalled track record in project delivery using their accredited offsite manufacturing system. The Vision Modular system was developed to address the shortcomings of traditional building practices and is one of the most highly regarded modular construction systems.

Vision Modular Systems UK Limited embraces MMC by manufacturing turnkey modules for the construction industry using lean processes and techniques. The use of these innovative methods results in superior standards in quality, sustainability, regulatory compliance, health and safety.

Reduced Construction Programme

  • Programme savings of up to 60% achieved compared to traditional construction
  • Offsite manufacturing reduces potential onsite delays e.g. weather, skills shortage, enabling a more secure, dependable construction programme

Investment and Finance

  • Reduced construction programmes equate to earlier return on client investment
  • Efficient, factory controlled construction reduces susceptibility to cost fluctuations
  • Lower lifecycle operational and maintenance costs due to thermal and environmental efficiencies
  • Added value to design and performance
  • All our projects are fully fundable, mortgageable and insurable

Enhanced Quality

  • Superior quality construction due to guaranteed quality systems achieved in factory controlled environment
  • Quality Assurance levels guaranteed on end product
  • Quality control leads to significant reduction in defects resulting in a smoother Aftercare process
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities adapt latest technologies to provide the required manufacturing accuracy

Efficient Site Logistics

  • Efficient logistic scheduling of modules, less onsite storage and a 60% reduction in site personnel results in up to 80% fewer vehicle movements
  • Significant reduction in disruption to local environment and communities
  • Construction system leads to less noise, dust, transport related emissions and air pollution

Health and Safety

  • Up to 90% total GIA of Tide Construction Limited’s projects can, be manufactured offsite in a factory controlled safer environment
  • Offsite manufacture of key structural components reduces high risk, onsite activities
  • Vision modules provide a minimum 2-hour structural fire resistance
  • All walls are fully non-combustible

Flexible Design

  • Advanced offsite technologies allow for design flexibility internally and externally
  • Vision modules have size and shape versatility dealing with complex shapes and large openings
  • Clients are provided with the ability to adapt their buildings in the future with a traffic light coding system


  • Offsite methodology reduces construction waste by up to 80%
  • 97% of our construction waste is recycled
  • Factory controlled fit out leads to more efficient use of materials
  • Typically a 50% CO2 savings - for example, Heriot Watt University have conducted research on Greenford Quay with regard to CO2 savings.  The findings show the CO2 savings due to Tide and Vision's modular technology on this scheme is equivalent to over 160,000 trees being planted
  • Majority of Tide projects deliver a BREAAM Excellent Rating (and formerly a Level 5 Code for Sustainable Homes when this Code was applicable)
  • Vision system ensures projects exceed industry regulations in fire, acoustics, vibration, air loss and thermal standards


  • BBA Certification capable of achieving a minimum design life of 60 years
  • Most robust modular system in the market


  • Please see list of full extent of Tide Construction Limited’s accreditations above
  • All our schemes are fully certified and accredited ensuring they are fundable, mortgageable and insurable

Our Approach

Tide Construction Limited, with our offsite company Vision Modular Systems, has a proven track record of delivering modular, volumetric projects safely, sustainably and efficiently, significantly reducing programme durations. We have extensive experience in both traditional and modular construction. High rise projects in Wembley, Wandsworth and Croydon along with our involvement at the Four Seasons Hotel, Trinity Square and Greenford Quay, Ealing , demonstrate our capability and commitment in the offsite sector.

There is a heightened confidence with Developers to embrace this form of construction to reduce programme durations; enabling an earlier return on investment, whilst offering a much superior product. Furthermore, it reduces the impact on the local environment and communities, and reduces the reliance on site labour and susceptibility to the current construction skill shortages.

Health & Safety

As we have grown and developed over the years, so too has our awareness of the enormous benefits that accrue through fostering a strong ethos that promotes a positive health and safety culture whilst establishing clear expectations, responsibilities and standards.

We are committed to achieving zero accidents and incidents and, as part of this commitment, we expect all our employees to take responsibility not only for their own safety, but for any person working on, or coming into contact with our activities.

Environmental & Sustainability

As a group, we strive to ensure that our activities cause no lasting harm to the environment and support the sustainable development of communities in which we live and work. We help our clients build projects that improve people’s lives, while preserving the environment and continuing to provide value to both their businesses and their stakeholders for generations.


We continually seek new and better ways to do things by identification and implementation of innovative processes to ensure our Quality Management System provides our clients with a product built specifically to their high standards.

Policy Statements

Modern Slavery is a serious crime, violating an individual's fundamental rights. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. Please see our full Policy Statement below.

Tide-Modern-Slavery-and-Human-Trafficking-Policy-Statement 2021

Performance Excellence

With safer construction processes, a strong track record and high quality finishes, Tide Construction Limited offers Clients integrated solutions for all construction projects.

Industry Leaders in Volumetric Modular Construction

Tide Construction Limited have a proven track record of delivering projects with large volumetric installations safely, sustainably and efficiently, in order to provide optimal programme durations, improve on regulatory compliance, and reduce site waste and site resource.

Fast-tracked success

There is a growing confidence with developers to embrace this form of construction as the way forward to reduce programme durations enabling an earlier return on investment.  Despite our reduced programmes, our finished products consistently exceed the industry norm.

Multi-disciplinary, in-house team

Our Management team has vast experience working with major contractors who have developed their skills in delivering traditional forms of construction necessary to cover all phases of the project as well as the inter-relational needs in communicating with various authorities and local communities on environmental considerations.  These skills have been further developed to employ our volumetric construction methods.

Track record

Tide Construction Limited have successfully completed a range of projects in the UK, one of which is the tallest volumetric construction project in Europe.  Other projects include the super prime residences at 10 Trinity Square, City of London as well as the completion of the Battersea Power Station Marketing suite showcasing the landmark scheme.

Trusted partnerships

Everything we do is transparent and non-adversarial, and our key supply chain partners understand fully the high standards we believe in.

Excellent service

We provide a unique, total build concept.  We have highly experienced dedicated and loyal staff to deliver our client’s turn key developments.

Our team of experience professionals includes but is not limited to:

Contract Directors, Manufacturing and Design Engineers, Civil Engineers, Site Supervisors, Quantity Surveyors, Health and Safety, IT, Business and Financial Consultants, Craft Operatives and Manufacturing Process Operatives

Quality developments

Quality is a core driver in our bid to constantly improve the process and range of design options Tide Construction Limited can offer.  Within the early design stages through to the manufacturing process, each stage is carefully monitored and signed off to the client’s approved design. This provides confidence that our Clients will received a high-quality product on completion with a smooth transition from delivery to occupancy and user friendly documentation through to a reduction in aftercare.

Our Recent Awards